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Controlled Opposition: Hard Questions About Alex Jones

February 1, 2010

By Nick P

Black Sun Gazette

Special thanks to Bulldogger for showing me the way to the rabbit hole.

Many readers of Black Sun Gazette are doubtless familiar with Alex Jones, the Austin, TX-based radio show host and film maker. I have long struggled with what to make of Alex Jones. On the one hand, he provides people with difficult to find information about the frightening truth of the American government’s lurch toward police state and global empire. On the other, he is a frothing at the mouth crypto-fascist who seems to do little more than lead people down blind alleys and arguably does more to terrorize people into inaction than anything to spur resistance. Recently, however, information has been brought to my attention that is worth sharing with my reading public. This article is meant to be primarily speculative, though I think that the issues that I raise bear consideration.

The above video is required viewing for anyone wishing to seriously consider who Alex Jones is, what his broader role in society is, who benefits, and why. Even though the video largely deals with the media outlet formerly known as Russia Today, it provides the necessary backdrop for this narrative. I admit that the video raises more questions than it answers, but these questions are a necessary first step towards having this discussion. Primarily, the video introduces us to the players in this bizarre tragicomedy.

Russia Today

RT, formerly known as Russia Today, is a news outlet owned by the Russian state, and almost certainly an arm of Russian intelligence. Such claims can ever only be supported- once again, short of confessions or canceled checks- by circumstantial evidence. For those with a lick of common sense, the knowledge that RT is owned by the Russian state, coupled with fifteen seconds spent surveying these advertisements should be convincing enough to heavily support the connection. That the Russian government would have a program similar to Voice of America should come as a surprise to no one. However, the more curious question is why do they repeatedly shill for Alex Jones and We Are Change, while providing copious amounts of time for the fascistic American “Patriot” to voice its views?

The Corporatist / Christian American Far Right

These elements are key in understanding how all of this ties together. Specifically, I am talking about highly disciplined and professional organizations such as the Western Goals Foundation, and the Council for National Policy. Still, I am not leaving out what could be termed the more “popular frontist” elements of the movement including Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and most importantly the John Birch Society. The last of which is implicated by highly suggestive circumstantial evidence to be a prime candidate for a KGB front operation.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is indisputably a savvy media operator. Seemingly from out of nowhere he has built a cottage industry media empire out of Austin, TX, winning the ear of good old boys, Hollywood elites, and an international community of youth who are highly skeptical of the official narrative pushed by the capitalist media. He also has all the earmarks of an agent provocateur, acting as a person who does much to attract radically-minded but politically confused youth while at the same time actively derailing the movements he purports to endorse. As an aside and a segue; I have listened to Alex Jones’s radio show for years. I have never heard him “cut a mic” Bill O’Reilly style except for here:

Cui Bono?

This is all interesting, but what does it say? What ties it all together? To even begin to answer these questions, they must be broken down into a few more constituent parts. However, the underlying question is always cui bono? Who benefits from the words and ideas of Alex Jones?

Climate Instability Denial

There is, among the mainstream scientific community, a consensus that the Earth’s climate is changing, and that human activity is the root cause. Those who deny this are frequently funded by those with a strong interest in maintaining the status quo on energy production. Namely, international energy cartels such as Exxon-Mobil, and the governments of countries sitting on large fossil fuel reserves.

Intensification of Exploitation

Despite their rhetoric, the libertarian, patriot, and constitutionalist movements are little more than ideological cover for a return to the bad old days of the Gilded Age. This was a time of extremely pointed superexploitation of labor by capital during the first period of American ascendancy after the defeat of the Southern slavocracy by an alliance of Northern capital, labor, and free land holders, with a big assist from revolutionary slaves. There are places on Earth, most notably China, but any Asian export platform will do, where labor, safety, and wage conditions are comparable or worse to the Gilded Age in the United States. Those who viewed the video at the beginning of this entry will note that David Koch is heavily invested in selling Chinese-style labor conditions on American soil to the American people.

Drifting Toward Police State

When capitalism was restored in the Soviet Union, little else changed about Russia and the other former Soviet republics. They remain intensely authoritarian countries with little in the way of free elections or basic human freedoms. For its own part, the United States has become increasingly authoritarian over the last 40 years, culminating with the rule of George W. Bush, who paid little attention in either action or rhetoric to the human rights and privacy protections enshrined in the United States Constitution. While such policies were deeply unpopular among Americans of all political stripes, they were supported vigorously by Bush’s supporters little and big.

A New Era of Inter-Imperialist Rivalry

It wasn’t just the government that didn’t change at the end of the Soviet Union. The Russian Bear remains in sharp competition with the United States, particularly since the fomentation of color revolutions by American intelligence in Russia’s neighbors immediate and otherwise. It is important to remember that “taking over” the United States would not be in the best interests of Russian capital. Assuming responsibility for our problems is too difficult and expensive. However- and this is very, very important- removing the United States from the world scene as an international player frees up Russia’s hand politically, economically, and culturally in Europe as well as the developing world, in particular southwest and central Asia.

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Despite a lack of explicit rhetoric on the subject, it doesn’t seem like a bold claim to say that many on the far corporate / Christian right have some sort of admiration for China and Russia. In the case of the former, China is a model for a hyperexploitative form of capitalism where workers have almost nothing in the way of rights or protections. In the case of the latter, you have a political system run by a nationalist strongman. Even term limits haven’t prevented Vladimir Putin from continuing his iron grip over Russia. Translated into the American, this would mean a repeal of almost all labor laws and an intensification of the imperial Presidency, two projects which are very near and dear to the hearts of the far right in the United States.

Alex Jones: Controlled Opposition

If you’ve listened to Alex Jones you’ll notice that one thread runs throughout his show. Nearly everyone is some kind of agent of the system. Even the venerable Glenn Beck whose rhetoric is nearly identical to that of Alex Jones. Both attack the Federal Reserve, a conspiracy of eugenicists, and progressivism and socialism. Both are also self-styled champions of “the little guy” and “mainstream America.” Still, Beck earns a vitriol on Alex Jones’s radio show similar to that of anyone else Jones deems to be a tool of the system. All of this raises a very important question: Why is Alex Jones, the man who attacks anyone and everything as a tool of the system so ga ga in love with the John Birch Society, a group that even many on the far right fear as an intelligence organization? Why is he so incensed by attacks on the John Birch Society that he cuts off a caller who criticizes them? Further, why is a man so in love with the United States and its Constitution, so distrustful of “globalist” (i.e. foreign) elites willing to go on a news service run by remnants of the KGB? Why is he willing to have Luke Rudkowski on his show every fifteen minutes when Mr. Rudkowski “works for the Russian media,” which almost certainly means Russia Today? It is worth noting that Rudkowski’s group We Are Change are a sort of unofficial youth movement of Alex Jones, and the connection between Rudkowski and the “Russian media” raises serious questions about who funds WAC and why.

“You Judge a Tree By It’s Fruits”

The above quote is from Alex Jones in his defense of the John Birch Society. What are Alex Jones’s fruits? He goes on the radio every day shrieking like a madman about a “global control grid” that is going to “enslave” Americans. In addition to promoting generalized fear and anxiety, he also promotes a political agenda that favors withdrawing the United States from the world stage. But his “fruits,” such as they are, go beyond that. Alex Jones is also an accomplished agent provocateur. Notice how his “confrontation” of Michelle Malkin has more to do with petty personal attacks than a political deconstruction of her line in the following video. Before watching, remember that Michelle Malkin is part of the wing of the Republican Party which supports a robust American military presence around the world.

Now watch this video where a normal, peaceful protest of what could be termed mainstream libertarians against gun control is thrown into utter chaos and turned into a sideshow by Alex Jones and his bullhorn:

Tying It All Together

Most people reading this blog are probably familiar with COINTELPRO. However, it isn’t just the United States government that has spies and agents. Private groups have them as well. Is it too outrageous to assume that groups like the Western Goals Foundation and the Council on National Policy have intelligence operations? Is it further too outrageous to assume that their intelligence operations work hand in hand with Russian intelligence in an attempt at finding common cause? The common cause being a fifth columnist beneficiary of the collapse of the United States as an international player. Once you answer either of those questions in the affirmative you then have to acknowledge that someone, and probably a very effective and public “someone” is acting as an intelligent agent for the aforementioned groups.

Which brings us back to Alex Jones. Who is Alex Jones? Why is so little known about his life before he became a public personality? How is he able to get high profile people like the head of the Rothschild family and Nobel laureates on his show? How is it that he has such a large, widespread audience, but is never able to muster any effective resistance to the “globalists” that he opposes? Why is he pushed so hard by Russia Today? His studio was recently refurnished- who provided these funds?

These are all questions which require careful thought and warrant answers. However, there does seem to be considerable circumstantial evidence implicating Alex Jones as an agent provocateur for a wing of the American ruling elite who have made their peace with Chinese and Russian capital, or at least think that they have. I would sincerely like to be pointed in the direction of more information about Mr. Jones, and welcome contributions from my readers unpacking all of this rather diffuse information.

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