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Open Letter To Alex Jones Concerning Possible COINTELPRO in Austin, TX

February 18, 2010

Dear Alex Jones,

My name is John Bush, I am the Executive Director of Texans for Accountable Government, a local political action committee whose mission is to further the cause of liberty through trans-partisan local activism. TAG, alongside the Austin Ladies of Liberty Alliance, organized the January 25th pro-gun rally which took place at APD headquarters. Many in the community are concerned with some of the recent assertions you have made on your program about the possibility of infiltration in the local movement. We would greatly appreciate some clarification on the matter as the prospect of infiltration here in Austin is a cause of grave concern.

On your February 16th, 2010 broadcast, you said the following about possible police and ADL (Anti-Defamation League) infiltration of the Austin pro-gun movement.

“We’ve also found out that CLEARLY, and I didn’t believe this at first, I had to see it, and I may cover it coming up in the next few days, clearly people working for the police and the ADL are involved, even in the Austin pro-gun movement, trying to destabilize it and things, and even go after me, and they even write articles about how great the ADL is and they are right about me being bad and staging these events, I mean, its getting real crazy.”

@ 3:25

As an individual who participates in local pro-gun activities and the executive director of one of the organizations that organized the rally, I feel it is my duty to better understand exactly who you are referring to when you say people from the Austin pro gun movement are “working for the police and the ADL.” What are your sources? Whom are you referring to?

Also, on your January, 27, 2010 broadcast, you inform your listeners that you were “sure” that there was Cointelpro at the event and that they were “poking you and getting in your face”.

“The whole time I was there I had like Cointelpro poking me and getting in my face, and I’m sure some of them were because later I found out about a meeting afterwards with some people we know are connected to some operations about how they want to get me and go after me, it’s a whole another subject, but it bordered on illegal but uh, luckily we had people on the inside that found out about that and called me about it”

@ 6:43

As I recall, you had a videographer with you most of the evening and there is also a great deal of footage of the event on YouTube. Surely if there was Cointelpro poking you and getting in your face you would remember them and they would be on video. We would greatly appreciate your time in pointing out to us exactly who or whom you are referring to when you say, “I had like Cointelpro poking me and getting in my face”.

You also mention a “meeting” with people wanting to “get me and go after me” that “bordered on illegal”. While this may be a private matter, it would do well for the local activist community to know who or whom is engaging in “borderline illegal” activity in attempts to “get” you and “go after” you.

If there was indeed police (APD presumably), ADL, or government infiltration, it may be possible to expose this corruption through open records requests and/or interviews with Chief Acevedo, ADL representatives, or other governmental agencies. We hope your sources for this information will assist us in exposing these potential threats to our local movement. You mentioned you might cover the police/ADL infiltration in the next few days. We look forward to hearing it! It is very important that we as a movement are familiar with Cointelpro and disruption tactics so that we may better deal with said threats in the future.

You have long been a trusted and reliable source of information for both the freedom movement and the public at large and we appreciate you for that. We know you understand the detrimental effect that infiltrators, disinfo agents, and provocateurs have on the health of freedom movements. We thank you again for all you have done and look forward to your assistance and response in this urgent matter.

Yours in Liberty,

John Bush
Executive Director
Texans for Accountable Government

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