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The Alex Jones Deception: False Flag Journalism Discrediting The Truth Movement

February 21, 2010

By Harold Gray


On Tuesday September 8th, Alex Jones finally released his much hyped “biggest announcement” of his 14 years of being on radio and running his website What initially was published for 60 minutes as a riveting interview of President Barack Obama concerning suppressed facts about September 11th conducted by Charlie Sheen, in fact turned out to be an elaborate hoax aimed at his core supporters, in order to catapult this fake story to the mainstream media.

In the previous week, Mr. Jones dangled carrots to his listeners about a big guest and massive story that would be released on his websites at 8 AM on Tuesday morning that would catapult the truth movement to another level. Curious of the story he was breaking on that day, I along with thousands of his supporters checked the site at the reported time. What we saw was a full interview by Charlie Sheen that showed a 20 minute dictated interview with President Obama. The detailed interview even included italicized comments of Obama’s mannerisms and fictional aides speaking in his ear. In another attempt to present this as an honorable document, Sheen placed an image of his John Hancock at the bottom of the article. Although it seemed like a daring feat for Mr. Sheen to pull off within the time constraints, it was very well crafted and prefaced as a real interview. Luckily the good people at Above Top Secret, archived a cached version of the article that shows what the original posting looked like.

After reading the article, I agreed that this would be a huge story and published it on my site I also told my wife about the breaking news, and even read aloud the full article which took several minutes. She in turned, informed family and friends about this story, truly believing that someone finally put Obama, or anyone at that level, on the spot about 9/11 in such a masterful way. We also began posting it to social networking sites and spreading the news just like we always do, all the while not knowing that we were being duped, and would later have to retract our statements.

I guess being the first in line doesn’t always payoff, because shortly after we did all this work spreading the disinfo, people began replying that it didn’t happen. Confused, we just accepted it as people being in some sort of denial since I still had the original posting up in one of the tabs in my browser, and it hadn’t been refreshed. Other people on forums were going through the same scenario, suddenly having to defend a story that they just read presented as fact. My response was,

why would Sheen and Jones spend so much time making this story up and put all these details in it, then present it as the biggest story ever.

Much to my dismay, within 30 seconds of his radio broadcast, he announced his psyop on the public and we were utterly disgusted with this ruse. I returned to the article on his site, and sure as shit, a new disclaimer was at the bottom of the page stating that the interview has not happened yet. In another later version they even added a picture of Sheen in front of his computer working on this fictional hyped puff piece that belongs on the front pages of The Onion.

The fallout

This intentional false flag aimed at his core supporters has resulted in a backlash the likes I have never seen. Immediately on social sites such as Myspace, people spontaneously began deleting his pages. Deciding to take a stand against being hoodwinked, we did as well. We are frankly tired of stunts like this, they are pointless, distract us from true causes, and discredits the movement as a whole. I have a keen sense of discernment, but I still fell victim to his latest stunt due to the long history following his rise to the top of alternative media. I am an independent thinker who takes action on my own, writing original articles, launching websites, covering protests and being active in the movement for liberty, so I’m not drinking the Alex Jonestown Kool-Aid in any manner.

I took the information in the article at face value since it was stated as fact just like the MIAC report, and other huge real stories he broke. Imagine if he came out days later and stated that the MIAC report is a fake, and was used to wake the MSM up to the dangers of Homeland Security focusing on law abiding Americans as domestic threats. He would have been laughed at, and the real fusion center reports would have been looked at as just fodder for conspiracy nuts. This is what he has basically done to our efforts bringing 9/11 truth to the light of day. Didn’t he realize that his core supporters who honestly believed this psyop article, would later be ridiculed for promoting this? Does he care? Or is this the true agenda behind all of this, to fracture the movement and damage all credibility of those who believed his hyped up faux article. These are the very tactics used by COINTELPRO agents during the 60’s to break up the peace movement. They would spread false information that would demoralize targeted groups and lessen their credibility and vigilance. Below are the FBI’s two main tactics of COINTELPRO:

Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.

Psychological Warfare From the Outside: The FBI and police used myriad other “dirty tricks” to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists.

The article would have still been a meaningless hyped event, even if the disclaimer was posted originally, but to use the people who are your biggest supporters as pawns in your cult of personality driven hype machine is truly despicable. When formulating this plan, he knew that his supporters would be the first ones who would take the story and spread it all over the net within the first hour. He even baited us by giving a specific release time of the article. He claims that this was done to get the media to pay attention to the 20 bullet points in the article. He clearly knows that all of these points have been done before, separately, combined, in video clips, documentaries, even pointed out on radio shows, and all done in a way that isn’t deceptive. So the people who are reading this info are not having some revelation of the information presented, instead we thought we were being provided with a tool that was supposed to help wake people up and bring much needed media attention on the subject during this 9/11 anniversary week. This truly could have been accomplished with a real article documenting a sit down interview between Obama and Sheen. With the subject matter being controversial to begin with, he expected us to have credibility selling a fake interview between Obama and Sheen? Exactly how is this suppose to work, do pray-tell.

After spending years using real mainstream news accounts, declassified documents, witness testimony, government records, video evidence, peer reviewed reports by physicists such as Steven Jones and etc, as tools to wake people up. I am know suppose to believe that using a fake interview as source info will be the magic bullet that will expose 9/11 to the media? This is complete nonsense and I have a hard time believing that this is a miscalculation by someone who is as informed as Mr. Jones.

Hyping the Obama Joker posters was the first clue

Since the manufactured news story about the Obama Joker posters, it seems Jones has been taking meaningless issues and hyping them for no apparent reason. When the Obama Joker posters first appeared, I immediately assessed them as tools of disinformation, due to the image and convoluted message it was promoting. I explain all this here in my article, which appeared days before Jones embraced the posters and began making T-shirts and announcing contests for people displaying these images. In a move that raised many red flags in across the web, he dressed up as the Joker and put posters up just minutes away from my day job. I already was wary of the reaction to these posters so I took no part in promoting this meaningless distracting news story. We already knew how most people within their political and racial paradigms would react. It was also no surprise how the media would spin it. So it seems pointless to go on and on, and write continuous stories about the reaction of the media, when we could foresee it. It is a distraction, and complete waste of time focusing on issues like this, please tell me, has anyone awakened up by this? Has the media broke through the left-right paradigm, or gleamed some understanding of the New World Order and the compartmentalized nature of our political puppets.

The answer is no. If anyone has awakened due to the Joker posters or knows someone who has, contact me and you will get a prize. This is suppose to be the reason why we are doing all of this, to bring people together, not keep dividing us with messages that could be interpreted as partisan or racially motivated. Mr. Jones admits he was in Los Angeles right before the posters showed up, so could he be the mastermind behind this? It’s speculating, but it makes sense because he rarely promotes anything that he isn’t personally affiliated with. This would explain why he is still promoting the story to this day, while others have moved on. It is very curious that the person who started the guerrilla campaign has not came forward. The person who initially created the image has been identified, but the individual who actually first put the posters up hasn’t. With all the media hype and adulation by the Jones camp, you would think the person would reveal themselves, at least to them.


This 60 minute deception has proven that Mr. Jones and company, are intentionally using manufactured news in order to distract and discredit the truth movement. This psychological attack has fractured the movement and led to another wasteful discussion of if Alex Jones is real or memorex. His actions are similar to Glen Beck’s, who he assails almost daily on his website and radio show. Beck presents himself as if he is with us, but then pulls a fast one, ensnaring his viewers, and then feeds them disinfo. Everyone who listens to Alex’s show, can envision what he would have said if Glen Beck pulled the same thing. Oh wait he did, Beck claimed that he was going to expose the governments program of FEMA camps for citizens, but then he presented old discredited new stories that were easily debunked by his staff. He then tells his viewers that the FEMA camps aren’t real, sorry I tried to debunk them, but trust me they don’t exist. Isn’t this in essence what Mr. Jones just did? Presenting false information on an already controversial subject, so that the media would in turn discredit it, and those who were duped into promoting it.

It is pathetic and infuriating to read the frozen comments of people believing that the article was real, and that President Obama was presented with irrefutable evidence about the attacks on 9/11. The comments have sense been turned off due to the backlash I suspect. It is a sad commentary of how someone with so much power, money, and resources, who has fallen into the rabbit hole of his own egoic sense of self-importance, regardless of the collateral damage.

This site, along with other alternative news sites, have been working hard exposing the lies of government, media propaganda and presenting new realities of living off the grid mentally, within this matrix of control we were all born into. I implore you to show support to the websites listed below, by visiting them frequently and contributing monetarily if you can. I, along with others, have been truthing on a budget, with minimal support, unlocking minds without any intentional deception.

The Alex Jones juggernaut needs to be broken up a little, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is in no way meant to be an attack on Mr. Jones or his crew, but rather a wake up call, proving that you must question everything from anybody including myself, as Alex Jones himself states. I am not going to write another piece on the subject of Mr. Jones or any other leader in this movement in the future. This is not my focus, and frankly has been a mental drain and waste of time compiling this together in an article. But it had to be done in the interest of my integrity as a researcher and independent journalist. I have had roughly all of my original articles appear as featured stories on Mr. Jones’ sites, so this is not coming from a place of jealousy or spite. I even wrote an article acknowledging what he has done for activist media in this movement, and promoted his latest money bomb with a banner on this site. This is why it pains me so much the fact that I have to write this about him, but I’m not in it to be a part of some clique, I’m doing this to unlock minds and motivate others to take action themselves in whatever way they are best suited. I could not sit idly by when I see something that is troubling or damaging to our tight knit community.

In conclusion I leave you with my quote from a previous article on the subject of the truth movement:

discernment is imperative in order to keep from being herded into a new mental prison of control. This journey of knowledge is about truth, wherever it leads you, and not about the personalities of the message who can be torn down by true or false information. In essence, you know your intentions are good, so do your own research, listen to your gut instincts, and let YOUR path of synchronicities guide you through life.

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