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Glenn Beck And Alex Jones Working Together

February 27, 2010

By Lee Rogers

Rogue Government

The Debra Medina for Texas governor campaign is clearly being sabotaged by both Glenn Beck and Alex Jones in a carefully staged divide and conquer operation. Medina’s campaign of limited government, lower taxes and state sovereignty has not made the establishment powers happy. When Medina was interviewed by Beck on his show he used the issue of the 9/11 truth movement in an attempt to make her look bad in the eyes of Republican voters. It was an obvious operation by Beck to try to sabotage her campaign in favor of other establishment cronies like Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson who are running against her in the Republican primary. Although this sort of action was to be expected from someone like Beck who is an obvious paid propagandist that engages in all sorts of dishonest journalism, it was of more interest to see Alex Jones use the same issue to also demonize Medina. Essentially we have Beck associating Medina with the 9/11 truth movement to make her look bad and Jones also demonizing Medina by criticizing her for distancing herself from the 9/11 truth movement based off of comments she made during an interview on the Mark Davis radio show. Even more ridiculous is that Jones did this right as Medina’s campaign was picking up traction and after he openly came out and supported her.  This is yet another case of Jones using New World Order tactics to divide people. Just a short while ago, he intentionally disrupted a pro Second Amendment rally in Austin Texas by shouting over a bull horn while others were attempting to speak. This is despite the fact that he was actually invited to speak at the rally. Again, more proof that Jones is a self-absorbed ego driven lunatic who should be considered an enemy of freedom.

Clearly, the entire Tea Party movement which believes in limited government and lower taxes is being lead and controlled by establishment forces. The tea party movement has been divided amongst two factions. We have people like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck leading one side of the spectrum who align themselves more with the insane conventional beliefs propagandized in the corporate media. On the other side you have people like Ron Paul and Alex Jones who talk about auditing the Federal Reserve and restoring the Constitution. You also have people in the 9/11 truth movement aligned with Paul and Jones who are demanding a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. With both Beck and Jones using the issue of the 9/11 truth movement to run the Medina campaign into the ground it shows that Beck and Jones have the exact same goals. This could be why Jones has been going out of his way to spend a ridiculous amount of time criticizing Beck because it is an attempt to conceal the fact that both Beck and Jones have the same agenda and are controlled by the same people.

Jack Blood a former insider within the Alex Jones camp who used to be an occasional fill in guest host for Jones finally came out and exposed Jones for the fraud that he is on yesterday’s edition of his radio show Deadline Live. Apparently, the fact that Jones came out attempting to deep six Medina’s political campaign using the 9/11 issue was the last straw for Blood. In the broadcast, Blood revealed that Jones would call him late at night trying to figure out ways to destroy other individuals in the truth and freedom movement that were critical of him. Blood also revealed that Jones is an incredibly unstable individual who can’t hold his liquor and would often try to start fights with other people after he’s had a few drinks. He also revealed that many of the autographed copies of his film Terrorstorm that Jones sold as part of a promotion were not autographed by him, but instead were autographed by members of his staff. Blood and some of the callers that call into his show make other intriguing revelations of the various tactics Jones has used to divide people and to get them fighting amongst themselves so that he in the end would benefit. The entire show is very much worth listening to and can be heard via this link.

We also have groups such as the Council for National Policy and other phony right wing establishment groups that are clearly guiding and influencing the Tea Party movement. The Council for National Policy is a secretive religious and political based organization formed in 1981 by Tim Lehaye that meets behind closed doors three times a year. Its membership includes people who are involved heavily in the so-called patriot movement and appear frequently on the Alex Jones show. People like Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Stan Monteith, Jerome Corsi and Larry Pratt have confirmed links to the Council for National Policy and have been frequent guests on the Jones program. Establishment hacks promoting the globalist agenda like John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Gary Bauer, Trent Lott, George W. Bush and others have been linked to or have spoken in front of the Council for National Policy. Interests associated with the Council for National Policy and Sarah Palin’s political action group have also been backing the 2010 Kentucky Senate campaign of Rand Paul which is strange in its own right. Grover Norquist another individual linked to the Council for National Policy has been associated with Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty organization. Norquist was a speaker at Paul’s 2008 Rally for the Republic but is also a supporter of John McCain’s 2010 Arizona Senate campaign. This is an obvious ideological conflict of interests considering that McCain is an obvious establishment politician. Even more ridiculous is the fact that McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign was supported by war criminal and globalist Henry Kissinger. Would somebody who really believes in freedom support a man like McCain who is backed by someone like Kissinger?

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  1. February 27, 2010 11:56 pm

    Thanks for posting this, Mr. B! I’m doing a story on this as we speak! There will be blood!

    • bulldogger permalink*
      February 28, 2010 1:10 am

      I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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