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Council For National Policy Interests Backing Rand Paul Campaign

March 2, 2010

By Lee Rogers

Rogue Government

Edited By Bulldogger

A number of special interests with links back to the secretive religious and political based group known as the Council for National Policy are backing the Kentucky Senate campaign of Rand Paul. The Council for National Policy is a shadowy group that meets in secret three times a year whose membership list consists of high profile elites within the religious and political spectrum of the so-called right wing of American politics. Powerful and influential individuals who have served a role in pushing forward the New World Order agenda like George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, Pat Robertson and many others have either spoken in front of the group or are full-fledged members. The group also has members with links to the John Birch Society a controlled opposition group to the world government agenda that the late author Eustace Mullins said was actually financed by Rockefeller money. The group also has members and former members who frequently appear on patriot oriented radio shows and alternative media outlets like Paul Craig Roberts and Dr. Stan Monteith.   With individuals and groups who have links to the Council for National Policy supporting Paul’s campaign, it appears as if we are seeing more smoke and mirrors and phony opposition to the New World Order agenda.

According to an article from the Huffington Post, Paul’s campaign is being supported by Gun Owners of America a so-called gun rights group headed up by Larry Pratt a man who has had confirmed links back to the Council for National Policy. Pratt has also been linked to the Council for Inter-American Security a group that was responsible for helping organize the Reagan Administration’s policy towards Latin-America which included the implementation of death squads throughout the 1980s. Pratt served as the group’s Secretary along-side Pat Buchanan who was also a high level figure in this group.

Steve Forbes the wealthy media mogul and confirmed member of the Council for National Policy is another supporter of Paul’s campaign.

Concerned Women for America a group that was founded by Beverly LeHaye the wife of Tim LeHaye who founded the Council for National Policy back in 1981 is another confirmed supporter of Paul.

Lastly, Paul has also received a donation that was described as “generous” from Sarah Palin’s political action committee. Palin was a speaker in front of the Council for National Policy back in 2008 prior to becoming John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate on the 2008 Republican ticket. It has been said that Palin was actually vetted in front of this group before being given the nod to become the nominee. Of course, Palin has been a consistent supporter of the fraudulent terror war which only benefits the interests of Wall Street and weapons manufacturers.

The Council for National Policy also has links to Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty with people like Grover Norquist who was a featured speaker at Paul’s Rally for the Republic event back in 2008.  Amazingly Norquist who is a member of the Council for National Policy actually endorsed John McCain for his 2010 Senate re-election bid.  McCain whose 2008 Presidential campaign was backed by war criminal Henry Kissinger should tell you all you need to know about McCain and Norquist’s support for his 2010 re-election campaign.

Editors Note: An excerpt from ‘Armed Madhouse’ by Greg Palast:

“Especially the Oil”

The neo-cons’ 101-page confidential document goes boldly where no invasion has gone before: the complete rewrite of the conquered states’ “policies, laws and regulations.” Here’s a sample:

  • Pages 8 & 21: A big income tax cut for Iraq’s wealthiest and complete elimination of the taxes on business revenues.
  • Pages 35 & 73: The quick sale of Iraq’s banks, bridges and water companies to foreign operators.
  • Page 45: The application for Iraq to join the World Trade Organization, kindly ghostwritten by U.S. government contractors.
  • Page 28: A “market-friendly” customs law — a kind of super-NAFTA — aiming for a complete wipeout of tariffs that had protected Iraq’s industry from cheap foreign imports.
  • Page 44: New copyright laws protecting foreign (i.e. American) software, music and drug companies.

An odd list to attach to an invasion plan. It was more like a corporate takeover, except with Abrams tanks instead of junk bonds. There wasn’t a whole lot of thinking going on about strengthening the borders against insurgents, disarming private armies or securing Baghdad from looters; and not a thing about elections or “democracy.” Instead, there was much about securing a “market-friendly regulatory environment” and “strengthening property rights-related legislation, corporate and contract law.”

The draft that came my way, in 2003, just as our tanks were about to cross Iraq’s border, has a pleasant title: “Moving the Iraqi Economy from Recovery to Sustainable Growth.”

What would get “moved”? Selling off banks and bridges was just the beginning. The would-be conquistadors left nothing to chance — or to the Iraqis. At page 74, the plan’s authors required Iraq to “privatize” (i.e. sell off) “all state-owned companies.” In Iraq, that’s just about everything worth having.

And it would all be open to foreign ownership. That would be convenient for Anglo-American bidders. Post-invasion, Iraqis with their just-about-worthless Saddam dinars would have nothing to bid with anyway.

According to Annex D of the plan, the schedule, economic conquest would take 270 to 360 days. Logically, that would require 270 to 360 days of boots on the ground, a year of full-scale occupation before Iraq could be given back to the Iraqis.

And certainly, this full year of occupation would be needed for the big prize targeted on page 37:

“…privatization, asset sales, concession, leases and management contracts, especially those in the oil and supporting industries.”

Especially the oil: complete and total sell-off of Iraq’s oil assets from the pipes to the pumps to the crude in the ground.

The plan makes it clear to me that, even if we didn’t go into Iraq for the oil, we sure as hell weren’t leaving without it.

“Nose-Twist’s Hidden Hand”

The document gave off a strange odor. The weird details gave it away. I smelled Grover Norquist.

Norquist is the capo di tutti capi of lobbyists of the rich and the Right. In Washington, every Wednesday, Norquist, former lobbyist for Bill Gates and for American Express, hosts a powwow of big business political operatives, conservative media moguls, the National Rifle Association and the right-wing muscle groups. Officially, he fronts Americans for Tax Reform, a kind of trade union for billionaires (he won’t name them) whose cause is a regressive “flat-tax” scheme to cap income taxes on the super-rich.

Karl Rove calls him, with admiration, “The Impresario.” You could call him “Satan’s lobbyist,”but that would be wrong. After all, his Wednesday group includes the Lord’s designated representatives, Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition. Indeed, the devout Norquist channeled nearly a million dollars from his tax group to the Alabama Christian Coalition to fight the devil’s tool, legalized gambling. He didn’t tell them he got the cash from an Indian tribe running a casino in Mississippi that didn’t want competition in next-door Alabama. But then, the “Christians” didn’t ask.

Who drafted the extraordinary “Economic Plan”? The Defense Department flat-out denied involvement, but after a week of calls, our research team (working for BBC TV London, Rolling Stone, and Harper’s magazine, New York) reached a diplomat in Kazakhstan, a State Department man, who confirmed that the Pentagon had barged in on the drafting. If the Pentagon was in on it, that meant neo-cons were involved. And if neo-cons were toying with another nation’s assets, Norquist was certain to be circling nearby, salivating for a taste of the asset action. I’d picked up that several likely lobbyists were hanging their balls on this Christmas tree, but the “reform” of Iraq’s taxes — from soak the rich to fleece the poor — carried the unmistakable fingerprints of Norquist’s soft little hands.

Acting on this scant info, I took a chance and dropped by the super-lobbyist’s Washington office tower on L Street. Norquist greeted me under a huge wall-spanning photo of his idol. Richard Nixon, with the disturbing slogan, “Nixon — NOW MORE THAN EVER.”

With this pudgy red freckled face under a Dennis-the-Menace hairdo, Norquist looked like an oversized toddler. His rivals call him Gopher Nose-Twist, but they’re just jealous of Norquist’s ability to auction off access to the White House.

As Nixon’s eyes followed us to his desk, Grover saw the 101-page Iraq plan in my hand and beamed. His baby! Rather than attempt to cover his involvement, he nearly autographed it. He couldn’t wait, now that I was in on the secret, to boast how he’d waltzed with ease through the Pentagon, the Treasury and the State Department, busy for months before the invasion, planning Iraq’s economy for the Iraqis.

In Iraq, the neo-con plan would create a private enterprise utopia in Mesopotamia. The model, said Norquist, was Chile under General Augusto Pinochet.

In conclusion, it sure looks as if the Rand Paul campaign for the Kentucky Senate seat is just more staged political theatre with Council for National Policy linked interests firmly behind it. The best way for the globalists to control the opposition is to lead it themselves and that appears to be exactly what they are doing with this so-called Tea Party movement and the support of supposed “good cop” candidates.   It is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

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